Bricks & Blocks


Modern & Future Technology

In construction, digital technology has caused a cultural shift and comprises the set of tools that use and manipulate digital data to help improve, deliver and operate the built environment. Kuzimba seeks to make use of various tools for modern construction such as: drones, automated robots and smart machinery to facilitate site surveys, 3D printing, virtual reality, 5G & IoT, Green Technology, cctv camera installation

Community Projects

In the modern world, more and more humans feel the need to create more meaningful connections, find and offer support to other humans with whom they can build relationships and systems of exchange. Proper construction of Schools, Universities, hospitals, Cultural Artifacts, and proper management of waste on any site is key in building developed and modernized communities.

Skills Training

Matching training with employment opportunities to benefit local communities and develop a site-ready workforce. Skills training at kuzimba services includes: Carpentry, general house wiring, brick making & laying, painting, metal joinery, house designs to mention but a few.

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House Extensions

Extending your home can often be a less costly and stressful option than moving to a new property. You can take the opportunity to change the layout and make the building work better for you. We will guide you every step of the way with your house extension. If required, we have great Architects who can help design the space, apply for planning permission and produce detailed plans.

House Renovations

House renovation projects breath new life into tired homes. We have significant experience working with listed buildings and ones within Heritage and Conservation areas. We use building techniques that are sympathetic to the building. You can update the layout to create better spaces. Make structural changes or perhaps just modernize what already exists. There are endless possibilities for completely changing the look, function and feel of your house renovation project.

LandScaping and External Works

Hard landscaping projects create an interesting outside area to your property and will add to its value. You can include Paved Areas, Gardening, Bound Aggregate Paths with Timber, Concrete or Brick Edging, Rock & Stone Features, Pergolas & Shelters, Ponds & Water Features. Additionally driveways and paths in a multitude of finishes, all carefully built to a high standard.


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