Is buying building and construction materials online safe?

Good question! Is it safe to buy building and construction materials online? What if they’re fake? What if they don’t deliver them? What if I order for cement and I get soil packaged like cement? Aren’t the prices higher? What if this? What if that? Can the questions expressing the fear of the unknown ever come to an end? Truth be told, our trust has been broken and we now think more than twice before choosing to shop online.

Let’s think about online shopping this way, there’re both reliable and unreliable platforms. Some are fraudulent and deceptive while others are transparent, sincere, honest and trustworthy. The question is, how can you tell a deceptive platform from an honest one?

Below are some of the general indicators of any trustworthy online platform:

  • Their contact information is available on the platform.
  • They have a physical address where you can go to.
  • Their information about pricing is up-to-date with the market.
  • They have verified suppliers and vendors.
  • They have no hidden charges. All the charges are clear.
  • There’s room for users to provide their reviews and rate the platform.
  • They have a working customer support.
  • The orders made on the platform have a clear fulfilment guarantee. The buyer can know exactly when the delivery will be done.
  • Their payment options are safe. A user can easily raise a complaint and it’s handled by companies like MTN, Airtel and banks.
  • Their business ethics are good making the user feel respected, cared for and safe.

With this background. Let us mention advantages of buying building and construction materials online.

Time saving

Since, there are various products needed to successfully finish a building project, getting them in the traditional way can be very time consuming. Finding all the services and products you need in the same place can be time saving.


It is convenient to buy online without having to move under the heat of the sun, the traffic jam, and the rain. Let’s get practical, click https://kuzimba.com/shop/ to experience the convenience that Kuzimba services provides. You don’t have to suffer with bad roads, the delivery services are brought to your door step.

Consultation is easier

It’s easier to make consultations with certified professionals who help you make an informed decision as you choose what to do during whichever stage of building or construction you’re in. Kuzimba services has an inbuilt chatbot that makes it easier for the user to make consultations.

The cost of construction is easier to handle

Building and construction is quite costly that’s why online building platforms like Kuzimba services have savings wallets where you can save for your project. They reward you by giving you a discount when you make your purchase. Click https://kuzimba.com/my-account/ to start saving today.

Authentic products

These reliable online platforms mind about their reputation and rating. This means that they will do their best to give you products that are durable. They want to serve you in the best way possible. Why deny them the chance? Sign up already. You should create an account for a 25% discount on any products or services offered by Kuzimba services.

Safety from fake service providers

In Uganda, the building and construction industry is filled with many service providers who are not so sure about what they’re providing. This explains why some services like electrical installations make houses catch fire. Kuzimba services does the due deligence process on behalf of the user. This means that by the time a professional is listed on our website, they’re have been proved.

Conclusion It safe to buy online but the user has to be keen and check for the listed indicators of reliable online platforms like Kuzimba services.

Author Mrs. Ochola Claire

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