Ephrance Eunice Namugenyi readily admits, the HiPipo #WomenInFinTech #Hackathon & #Summit spurred her

Ephrance Eunice Namugenyi readily admits, the HiPipo #WomenInFinTech #Hackathon & #Summit spurred her on to finally start a web-based business service. Kuzimba Services is an e-commerce platform where you find building and construction materials, and can also get links to professional building services.   Eunice recently suffered the misfortune we at HiPipo continue to advocate against, to fall victim to the attitudes that are keeping millions of talented women down, not just in the tech space but in more or less every other field of human endeavour.   Eunice had initially celebrated a milestone for Kuzimba’s biggest order yet, a huge consignment of coloured paving tiles for a hotel being put up in one of Kampala’s suburbs. This was the kind of order every start-up hopes for. And it was one Eunice could deal with, and had indeed alerted various suppliers & workpeople.   But it all went in a flash when the client, a man, on learning Kuzimba was run by a woman, in a moment of casual sexism he probably did not even notice because it is how he normally views things, decided that they simply could not manage the order. And all because he believed a woman cannot be familiar with such a business.   Naturally, Eunice was downhearted. But it was not just a case of losing a big order and the sizeable payment it came with. Reputable damage came as well, as the people she had alerted to supply the pavers and do their placement thought she had not been truthful in the first place.   The HiPipo Women In FinTech Hackathon & Summit goes beyond simply introducing ladies to the best practices of financial technology, like the Level One Project, its Principles, and the Mojaloop OSS. As part of our umbrella Include Everyone Program, it also seeks to create an environment where entrepreneurs like Eunice never suffer such a misfortune again.   We thus felt that Eunice’s story must be told, as part of our pledge to continue supporting innovators like her. They are our mothers, sisters, friends and colleagues, and do not deserve a fate where they fail to make a living due to sexism and misogyny. The world will only be a better place for all when we cease such attitudes, and can finally tap into the myriad of solutions and new ways of thinking ladies have to offer.   For her part, after the initial disappointment, Eunice is once again upbeat and continues to build Kuzimba Services. And once again, she is participating in the #WomenInFinTech #Hackathon & #Summit, having registered for the second year running. Let us be thankful that her desire to innovate remains as strong as ever. You too could show your support: feel free to visit http://kuzimba.com/

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